7 things never to say to new Mom

Giving birth to baby, taking care of her, checking her breath, feeding her in every two hours with c-section pain was all new (very new) to me (first time mom).  Its new phase of my life where i am learning constantly from my baby, husband, family, internet as i cannot afford to have defect(s) or bug(s) in any process or activity that i do for my baby. but few things that I have heard from family, neighbors, friends, relatives and strangers after my baby was born were hilarious(if i think about it now) and annoying (at that time). People please think before words comes out of your mouth.

1. It’s great that she inherited her father’s colour

Yes few people actually said such lame thing to me. Have I seriously asked your RACIST opinion. If me and my husband don’t care about her colour or as a matter of fact my colour then why do you?

2. Do you have baby at home, she doesn’t cry much.

According to few people, definition of baby is a crying machine who doesn’t allow neighbours to sleep.

3. Its six months now, when will you stop breast feeding?

She is my baby and it’s my milk, I can decide to feed her as long as I want and as much as she wants. do you have problem with that?

4You need to have a schedule

I am like umm…umm… duh…. speechless.

5. Baby is very obedient, she eats anything

I wonder if that person is praising my baby or taunting me as if I feed her mud and stale food. there is a difference between anything and everything.

6. Baby looks so thin, are you not feeding her?

no, I want her to have zero figure from birth. why do everybody keep on asking me this same question, do you have any idea how much research I have done on food I feed her. such question made me very worried and boom goes motherly neurons.

7. Babies are born with 5-6 kg weight but she still doesn’t have such weight at 6 months

I didn’t know I was suppose to give birth to pygmy hippopotamus.


What’s in a name

When Shakespeare said what’s in a name, i think he never had to show his id proof to convince (literally convince) people what is his name.

My name is Mittal Chavda, i still prefer my maiden name as my husband thinks that Mittal Chavda Patwardhan seems like some joint venture. My first name is Mittal (meaning friendly) and i have no relation to Laxmi Mittal( i wish though) .Few years back, i went to a private hospital and was registering my medical history.

Person (At  counter): what is your name?

Me (down with flu): Mittal

Person : ok what is your first name

Me: Mittal

Person : thats your last name , I’m asking your first name

Me: its Mittal

Person : do u understand what m asking

Me (with patience as patient) : yes, my first name is Mittal


Person : It can’t be. Everyone has first name like Neha, Aarti, mamta, what’s yours?

Me: This is my id proof, write name accordingly.

Person : Did your parents not like u? how can they name you Mittal?

Me (inside) :



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Animals in Me during pregnancy

I read many blogs, articles, site which all says beautiful and out of the world good stuff about pregnancy and baby glow etc etc but i never found anything stating pregnancy can make you believe that there are chances that human is evolved from more than one animal. I resembled like so many animals in last two trimester

Penguin and Duck

After first trimester, i unintentionally was walking like duck or waddling like penguin. My husband still shows few video he has and exaggerate about it. I never agree with him on that but its my secret that i feel the same about my that walk ( Shhhh.. its top secret)


This animal is quite common for most mother as your belly gets big and you have urge of scratch yourself every now and then.


I am not sure about all pregnant females but i was sweating like pig and it was stinky too. Yuk… i had to bath two times a day, glad that is not the case anymore.


Everybody talks about baby glow and beauty but honestly in my case i was opposite of beauty and glow. I was almost like Blobfish. Looking at all commercial, i kept on thinking whether i am really pregnant or Blobfish went inside my tummy turning me to one.


My energy and speed of chewing food was like sloth. I never had any sort of craving and desert time went straight to bathroom after main course.


I read about the belly button popping out during pregnancy but mine was like big bellied Orangutan.


From size 8 (small) of clothes i went to 18 (extra large) size and i was like fat Gloria from Madagascar.

Baby elephant

My legs in last month swelled so bad that it resembled that of baby elephant. can you imagine those baby elephant feet waddling like penguin?


last but not the least, due to various complication, i had to take more than 90 injection and that made my bums like that of baboon. In last month the needle refused to go inside those baboon butts.


Fun begins….

I am mother of 1.5 year old girl, who keeps me busy from 9 am to 11 pm (right now she is drawing on my t-shirt). I was working in MNC as technical architect role and had quite tough pregnancy as my uterus was not heavy weight champion. In a whole i took more than 90 injection, more than a month in hospital, experienced contractions for 4 long months and experienced both labour pain and c-section pain in single delivery. I suffered postpartum depression without any knowledge of it and came out of it with the help of my family.

I’ve decided to share my experience with all beautiful people in world to share craziness and happiness .So get ready for some rib tickling experience and encounter i am about to share.